• The app is user-friendly and exceptionally intuitive. The user is informed about each process taking place.
  • Access to the Internet is only necessary during the mobile app start (offline operation).
  • Data guard – if the app is accidentally turned off, or if the battery runs down, the data are preserved.  The service can be resumed and completed after the app restart.
  • The data are encoded in the phone. The management app on the PC decodes the results. Thus, they cannot be read by unauthorized individuals.
  • You can export the results using one button to the spreadsheet, where you can edit them according to your needs.

8 features of Neuronic app and software

  • Confidential data are only available to the customer — the calculation process is performed on the customer’s smartphone, not on Panko servers.
  • The app has a guiding system to focus on the glue board, the photos are taken intuitively, and the distance between the glue pad and the smartphone is the same each time.
  •  The app includes the module “add notes and add a photo” (on the results screen)  Here you can show the problem cause, upload additional documentation photos (e.g. show the routes where the pests penetrate inside, which emerged as a result of the staff failing to observe the immediate door closing procedure)